24 hours in Lyon: what to do and where to stay

The past month has been a crazy whirlwind. Between Iceland, France, Italy, and Sweden, I’ve found myself sleeping hotels more often than at home.

Thankfully, all of the places I visited were absolutely amazing, so I’m certainly not complaining! One of them was Fourvière Hôtel in Lyon



On a sunny Tuesday morning in December, we arrived for a very early check-in. We found ourselves waiting in a truly incredible foyer, what used to be the former chapel of the Convent.



What followed was a wonderful French breakfast outside.


I must admit that I always quit my diet when I’m in France – I just can’t say NO to those tasty croissants and the cheese Brix.

whyshy_russian_bloggerThe breakfast buffet of the morning had an extensive choice, even for a vegetarian like me. I filled my plate with a selection of cheeses, fresh fruits, pastries, and salad, before going back to try some of the cakes they had on offer!


I treated myself to a lemon cake so delicious that I will honestly remember it fondly whenever I reflect back on my time in Lyon.


Restaurant in Fourviere Hotel

We were booked into one of the standard double rooms (a ‘Classic’) with a view to a beautiful garden. An interesting fact is that all rooms and suites in the hotel feature the story of Lyon and the characters that have shaped it, right there at their doors.

Our room had a minimalistic design with white walls, and furniture of grey, red, and blue colors – my favorite color combo. I personally love hotels with simple and clear interiors, so I felt right at home.


The manager of the Fourvière was so kind that he agreed to show us around the hotel. I found myself enamored with the modern design of the charming rooms.

hotel_lyon_france_whyshyLe Grenier in Fourviere Hotel

Mostly, I enjoyed the Loft suite and I plan to stay there next time I return to Lyon. Don’t get me wrong, the standard rooms are amazing in themselves – but to stay in a loft is just a total luxury, and in my opinion, if you’re going to stay here, worth the extra cost.


As you can see from the photos, the Loft has an open-plan style, complete with its own living area and bedroom, as well as a spacious bathroom fully equipped with two sinks, a bathtub, and walk-in shower.


My first thought when entering the room was, ‘Oh my gosh, that view!’. Thanks to the spectacular alignment of five 3m-high windows spanning 15m in length, you can look across the beautiful Visitation Park below.

Another initial thought was ‘spa area goals!’ – I mean, look at it! If you follow me on Instagram (@whyshyme – if you don’t, come say hey!) you remember the post about that swimming pool, right?


I spent the whole day alternating between the hammam and the swimming pool. By the end of the day, I was relaxed and totally happy having dinner in Restaurant Les Telephones.


Spa in Hotel Fourvière

Altogether, the Hotel Fourvière was a truly wonderful and luxurious experience we would really recommend. The friendly staff were prepared to help us in any way possible and the food was simply great. We couldn’t have wished for a more comfortable stay in Lyon!

Le Grenier in Fourviere Hotel

This hotel is the ideal booking for a city or business tripper due to its convenient location and top-of-the-range amenities. Although we stayed only one night, I’d feel more than comfortable staying for more, because it feels incredibly homely.

whyshy_travel_bloggerLyon views, Pont Bonaparte

Have you explored this part of France before?

Photos:  Yasya Fogelgardt
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