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When it comes to good food, beautiful scenery, and luxury hotels – Italy really does has it all. I’m sure every other country apart from Italy would probably disagree, but personally for me, it’s as one of the worlds best gastronomic capitals and has such a vast array of just about everything edible. Italian pizza, pasta, wine, and cheese– but also some of the worlds best hotels.


Some weeks ago I spent a weekend in the ancient heart of the city of Verona. I stayed in one of the most beautiful Italian hotels called Palazzo Victoria and today I want to share my experience with you.


To say that I was “excited” to stay at this large and luxurious hotel was an understatement. On the arrival, we were taken aback at the spacious and contemporary lobby.


When getting into the room, I was so excited because as you know, I’m a full-on hotel blogger nerd. I was told upon arrival that we were given access to the Suite for 2 nights, and oh boy, was it gorgeous. Priced at around $160 per night, it was the size of the room which took us back. I didn’t expect the room to have that much glamour.


As promised, the suite offers the ‘ultimate stay’, designed for pure relaxation and complete indulgence. The high ceilings combined with a spacious bathroom with good bath products was the cherry on top of a perfectly delicious cake. These pictures speak words that I can’t!


The following morning, we peeled ourselves off of the cozy Palazzo Victoria bed and got ready for the day. We planned on having a great brunch followed by a little shopping, but first, we decided to have a breakfast.


Breakfast was served in a Borsari 36, a restaurant that is almost unique in Italy: at the centre of the room there is an elegant and functional Show Kitchen which offers guests the emotion of being an integral part of this place of creation. The overall buffet was very well made with several options from different countries. The staff didn’t bat an eyelid when I asked about vegetarian options, and I managed to put away some fruits followed by cheese and some other toppings on toast. We needed sustenance for a day discovering Verona and working.


Thanks to its excellent location Palazzo Victoria is easily accessible to all tourist attractions in Verona. It’s just a few steps away from the Arena and directly on Corso di Porta Borsari, one of the main streets, full of elegant shops but also cafés with the best espresso (check out Rialto Cafe just by the city wall).


We took a stroll along all the most important sights of the city being impressed with its historic buildings, beautiful squares as well as magnificent churches and museums.


ancient Roman remains at Palazzo Victoria

Back at the hotel in a midday, we headed down to the restaurant to have a lunch in Borsari 36. Luckily for us, we could enjoy homemade pasta and grilled dishes in the shade of elegant white parasols in the 14th century courtyard.


Once at the restaurant, you almost forget about everything except for food (there’s no choppy feeling or obvious clues you’re not on dry land) and the staff was very friendly and relaxed.


The northern Italian city of Verona is world-renowned for its artistic, historic and cultural charm, which resonates through its alleyways and squares. While you could easily spend many weeks exploring every nook and cranny of this delightful town, here are the top 10 things every traveller should do while they’re in the area:


10 brilliant things every traveller needs to do when visiting Verona

1.Casa di Giulietta

Verona is particularly well known for being the setting of the romantic tragedy of Romeo and Juliet. There’s no visiting Verona without seeing the iconic balcony where Juliet stood as Romeo wooed her! The house has been converted to a museum, where you can discover more about this passionate love story.


on the balcony of Palazzo Victoria

2.The Verona Arena

This Roman amphitheater is Verona’s famous open-air opera house, constructed in the 1st century with the capacity to seat a whopping 30,000 people! Within its pink-tinged marble walls, it hosted gladiator shows but now it’s the setting for musical events and Verona’s popular summer opera festival.

3.Torre dei Lamberti

As one of Verona’s most famous landmarks, this tower has an interesting history. Towering at 84m in height, you can savour amazing panoramic views of not only the bustling streets of Verona, but also the surrounding mountains.

4.Basilica di Sant’Anastasia

Showcasing intricate and elaborate Gothic design at its finest, this is actually Verona’s largest church. Constructed back between the 13th and 15th centuries, it’s now a showcase for local art and many people flock to it to admire its incredible vaulted ceiling.

5.Giardino Giusti

Take a day trip and venture further out from the main city center to this beautiful destination. These gardens were originally planted back in the 1400s, featuring fountains, flowers, grottoes and mazes. Pack a picnic and relax in this peaceful spot which is truly picture perfect!


This 14th century fortress is an impressive sight to behold. Composed of 4 separate buildings, 7 towers and a castle keep, you can appreciate how important this fortress used to be for the city’s security. It now houses a museum of wonderful art, sculptures and historic artefacts. Visit to learn more about the city’s fascinating history.

7.Piazza delle Erbe

Something a little different to the historic landmarks is this square in the heart of Verona. Experience the vibrant energy of locals and tourists alike, many who flock here on both weekends and weekdays where it transforms into a lively marketplace with trinkets, fruit and vegetables.

8.Shopping in the Centro Storico

Centro Storico (also known as “old town”) is where you can find a shopping street unlike any other in Verona. A shopping-lover’s haven, it’s abound with international stores like H&M and Valentino, as well as other famous European brands and unique Italian stores which sell items you can’t buy elsewhere in the world. Wander through and perhaps indulge in a couple of new outfits!

9.Verona Food Walking Tour

A visit to Verona is not complete without joining a food walking tour! It’s a convenient, fun and interesting way of tasting a wide variety of local cuisines and specialties, while learning about the city’s rich history and architecture along the way. Sip on traditional wines, and let famous Veronese cheese melt in your mouth. You don’t want to miss this!


10.Palazzo Victoria

With days packed with fun and adventure, there’s no better way of winding down to relax for the night at a hotel as beautiful and comfortable as Palazzo Viktoria. This 5 star, luxury hotel is undoubtedly the finest in Verona, and is where I’m sure to stay during all my visits to to this famous city!


Photos:  Yasya Fogelgardt
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