1 day in Paris – Okko Hotel

Hey gals! As I’ve mentioned previously, I currently live in Rotterdam, and always travel to Paris for blogging projects.


Last week my bestie, Ira. and I had the pleasure of enjoying the weekend at one of Paris’ most iconic hotels, the Okko Hotel Porte de Versailles. This sophisticated and enchanting hotel is definitely worth a stay, whether you’re local or a tourist visiting Paris.


I actually love staying at Okko properties because they are typically the most stylish and charming hotel destinations in each city in France. The Okko Porte de Versailles is my absolute favorite one. It provides spacious living in the heart of Paris and its rooms are all aesthetically pleasing as well as functional, practical and elegant.


We stayed in the Classic room that is spacious but standard to most hotels now in Paris. The plus is the rather high ceilings, warm decor, and a the coziest of beds.


After we’d checked in, we took some time to settle into our room and decompress after a busy day. Later, we made our way downstairs to have a coffee in the lobby lounge. What I absolutely adore about Okko Hotel is that there is always something to snack on in the lobby such as fruits, cookies, and sweets.


Unfortunately, we didn’t have much time to stay in the hotel, due to a number of meetings planned for those days.

I’ve probably mentioned in previous articles that I adore silk clothes and because of this, I request ironing service or an iron in the hotels where I stay. I was excited to know that there is a special room with a steamer and irons in the hotel. I have never seen a steamer in any hotel (though I’ve stayed in many 5*hotels before).


The breakfast in “The Club” was impeccable. As always I had some eggs, croissants and coffee. For those who choose gluten-free products, there were some options to suit you as well.


All things considered I would be very happy to recommend this hotel to anyone either for business or leisure travel. It is well placed, clean, English-friendly with charming staff and considering its great location close to the city-center, it’s very good value for money too. I thank everyone on the hotel team for a very enjoyable stay!


Photos:  Yasya Fogelgardt
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