Trendy vibes in a winter wonderland – Iceland

I’ve been reminiscing lately on my trip to Iceland back in November, when I explored the icy wonderland in the far north. My plan was to venture to Iceland’s capital and go on day trips to different surrounding landmarks and attractions from there.


In the heart of Reykjavík I discovered a cozy haven which was right up my alley in terms of the liveliness and service. The Loft Hostel has raving reviews so I was intrigued to see whether it would live up to my expectations. I’m pleased to say – it certainly did!

Coziness amongst the chilly landscape

The rooms are relatively small but very cozy, which is the type of stay I’m looking for when travelling through such a cold country! We resided in the double deluxe room which had the added bonus of a wonderful view as well.

Delightfully filled with bright decor, the room was comfortable, warm, and provided the luxury and privacy of a hotel with the vibrancy and energy of a hostel experience.


I thoroughly enjoyed waking to the wafting scents of freshly prepared breakfast buffet – I particularly enjoyed the croissants and yoghurt. There was a wide variety of different food items for any dietary requirement, and it did well in filling me up ready to tackle the day ahead!

Fresh and lively spirit

This hostel is really popular amongst younger travellers, particularly the trendier, hipster crowd. By hosting lots of parties and events, they cater well for the lively spirits who are passing through this region of Iceland.


The rooftop terrace is a fun area to hang out at (when it’s not raining!) because you can see for miles across the rooftops in all directions. It’s also the perfect place to admire the Northern Lights from if you’re staying there during the winter months.


The staff there are also super helpful when planning day tours or other adventures around the city and neighbouring regions. Very handy for any traveller seeking local advice and recommendations!

5 top tips for travelling to Iceland on a budget

Iceland is one of the more expensive cities in the world for tourists to visit, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that way for you! With these tips, you can save a decent amount of money and make the trip to this thrilling country accessible to travellers on a budget.

1.Never buy bottled water

The quality of Icelandic tap water is actually excellent, and you can also ask for a free water pretty much wherever you go. Don’t waste money on buying an overpriced bottle from the store!


Unless it’s unbearably cold, explore Reykjavík and even other towns on foot. Rather than paying for taxis, buses or hiring private transport, you can get around surprisingly well simply by walking between destinations.


3.Don’t buy things at convenience stores

Whether you want to buy food to cook yourself, or snacks, or basically any other common item, hunt down your nearest supermarket which is significantly cheaper than the common convenience stores.

4.Make use of free wifi rather than purchasing your own

Free public wifi is available basically everywhere in Reykjavík, so use this rather than a roaming connection or paying for your own. Most shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels are more than happy to let you use their wifi – just ask!

5.Stay at the Loft Hostel

With fantastically affordable prices, you really are spoilt at this place! Rather than forking out large amounts of money to stay at a city hotel, immerse yourself amongst other young travellers at the popular Loft Hostel while saving more money for sightseeing or doing other things during the day or night.

Photos:  Yasya Fogelgardt
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