Two days in Antwerp: Hotel Indigo

During my spring break, I went on a short trip to Amsterdam, Antwerp, Paris,  and Krakow. As a business student, I definitely consider myself as one who has a fairly stressful life. So I was super excited for this little break… Our first stop was at Antwerpen Hotel Indigo. If you want to read more about my stay at this beautiful hotel, then keep reading.

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The Hotel Indigo was the perfect base for exploring Antwerp. Located at Astrid Konigin Platz, it is barely a five minutes walk from Antwerp Central Station, which is a truly breathtaking building. This hotel is surprisingly close to many tourist spots such as Rubens House, Cathedral of Our Lady, MAS (Museum Aan de Stroom), and Brabo’s Fountain. Though the weather was very much against us, we managed to visit all of the places mentioned above and so much more. I was absolutely amazed at the city and will definitely come back in the summer. Luckily, Antwerp is just two hours from Rotterdam (where I live) by car.


While the hotel is in the old area, the beautifully refurbished rooms boast of superb contemporary interior design. A vibrant modern color palette, complemented by natural light and locally influenced design and decor, make for an inviting, stylish, and refreshing atmosphere.


I had such a luxurious stay in a light and spacious room where there was a large window with a beautiful view of Antwerp. The toiletries were Moooi, which smelled divine, and I even ended up stashing a fewof themin my suitcase. As always with hotels managed by IHG, the services were at the highest level.


The breakfast was included in the room rate and was simply outstanding — far better than the typical “complimentary breakfast.” There were many high-quality options such as excellent pastries, great bread, delicious eggs, fine jams, and much more. The environment was also very nice.


Hotel Indigo offers everything you could want for a city vacation. It is so much more than a base to explore the city, it becomes your home and a place you dread having to leave. Everything is perfect, from the décor that you see the very first second you enter to the extraordinary service you receive right up until the second you leave.    IMG_0552 IMG_0558

It makes your stay in Antwerp memorable for all the right reasons and is somewhere to return to time and time again. No matter if you are looking for a romantic getaway, a vacation with the family,or a more luxurious base for the solo traveler, it can cater to everything and exceed all of your expectations along the way.

All in all, Hotel Indigo is a very nice hotel for the price. I can not imagine a better place for me to stay in this city. The only downside is that I can’t take the hotel with me.

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