A hidden gem in Lisbon – Casa Balthazar

Hey guys! I just arrived from Portugal. We visited two cities,Lisbon and Porto,and stayed in one of themost beautiful hotels that I can’t wait to tell you about…

Our journey started in Lisbon,the colorful coastal capital of Portugal. It’s easy to fall in love with this beautifulcity because of its incredible architecture, amazing beaches, and a hefty arrayof tourist attractions. Tiled walls, rolling hills, the fresh ocean breeze, and bright sunsets create a romantic atmosphere that will make you want to stay there for a very long time.


When we first arrived in Lisbon, I immediately adapted to the Portuguese way of life;this lifestyle is definitely a pleasure. Espresso along a cobblestone street, a quick jaunt down to the ocean for a great view, and late-night eats at a happening restaurant all make for a typical day in Lisbon.


As well as being lively and unexpectedly cosmopolitan, Lisbon is also incredibly photogenic and totally Instagramable. The city was built on seven hills which means there are more than a few panoramic viewpoints. There are also some hidden gems with the best views that you might want to know, andone of them is Hotel Casa Balthazar.


I found this hotel by accident, scrolling through the photos on a popular travel page. I saw the picture of a lady sitting in the jacuzzi on a terrace overlooking Lisbon. There was a tag with Hotel Casa Balthazar on the pic. A few minutes later,I checked a page forthe hotel and it was love from the first sight. Without asecond to lose, I booked a room withthepanoramic terrace and planned a trip to Portugal.


This hotel exceeded all of my expectations. First, the hospitality  there was beyond comparison. The staff is wonderful, they were helpful, gracious, simply terrific.


During our stay, Erica and Ana were always there to assist with any questions we had, and they did so with much enthusiasm. Nothing was too much for them and they made us  feel very welcome.


Our room was 46 m2 with a terrace that had great views over the city – it was ideal for sitting out with a glass of wine after a long day of sightseeing. We were aware that there was no lift or baggage lift when we booked – this was not an issue for us because we were traveling with hand luggage only. The room was clean and airy with plenty of space. The king size bed was absolutely amazing. The bathroom was fully stocked with toiletries andthetowels were changed daily.


The room overlooked the street, which is located in a nice, safe neighborhood. A brief walk brings you to a lovely main street where lots of shops, historic sites, and restaurants can be found. And if you aren’t in the mood to wander far there’s the street where several cafés, as well as a family-run Portuguese restaurant frequented by locals and travelers alike, is close at hand.


The pride and joy of thisplace istheir breakfast,supplied by Confeitaria Nacional (the oldest Confectionary of Lisbon),that was delivered to our room (especially if you have a sweet tooth!). Crepes, bread, cakes, fruit, meat, cheese, fresh squeezed orange juice, etc.


Not to mention that it was good to be able to make drinks in our room inthe kitchenette (many hotels in Europe don’t have this facility, but we love to make our cups of tea/coffee at every opportunity!). The very functional and well-designed kitchen unit consisted of a sink, refrigerator, and several cabinets and drawers. It was furnished with absolutely everything one would need to prepare simple meals, from dishesand glassware to pots and pans, eating and cooking utensils,a  Nespresso coffee maker, electric water kettle, and toaster.


All in all, I would return to the Casa Balthazar in a heartbeat and can whole-heartedly recommend it without hesitation. It is indeed a little jewel in Lisbon.


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