Swiss grandeur by the mountains’ edge

Next stop, Switzerland! We were due to stay at Grand Hotel Zermaterhoff, and our experience there undoubtedly lived up to its name. Rich with history and culture, this five-star hotel is nestled in the remote mountain village of Zermatt at the foot of the Matterhorn Mountain, with gorgeous views of the surrounding Alps. 


A heartfelt and memorable welcome

I arrived quite late in the evening, and was greeted with a lovely welcome drink – an excellent Swiss wine at Brasserie Lusi, which also featured a menu with the finest French brasserie cuisine as well as a tempting collection of complementary international dishes.


Our room was on the 5th floor of the hotel with captivating views of Matterhorn. With complete privacy, excellent amenities and complimentary Alpeor toiletries, the recently renovated rooms were attractive and comfortable. Exactly what I look for in my personal retreat during my travels!


Swiss delicacies waiting to be devoured

I have to commend the absolutely adorable breakfast. By far the highlight for me was the extensive selection of the finest Swiss cheeses and the mouthwatering fresh salmon. Definitely a compelling reason to get up early in the morning. In fact, I discovered that Grand Hotel Zermaterhoff also boast a Swiss cheese restaurant Saycheese! That definitely conveys the quality and value they hold with their cheeses, and I savored every bite.


Downtime and personal pampering

A key part of my day when travelling (aside from exploring the surroundings, of course!) is to spend some time working out – fitness is really important to stay healthy and energized. I enjoyed doing my daily exercise at the hotel’s clean and modern gym, fitted with the latest amenities.

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Another thing I try to factor into my day when possible is some personal pampering! We melted into ultimate relaxation at the full-service spa treatments at Alpine Spa. From the hot-air sauna and steam bath, to the alpine and ice grotto, to the top-quality massages, I couldn’t have asked for more from Grand Hotel Zermaterhoff!


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