Fantastic trip to Hangzhou, China

Hello from beautiful Hangzhou! I had a chance to join Aliexpress at Fantastic China tour, and I’ll be happy to show you some pictures from the last days…

To begin with, I spent my first day of the trip in the plane. I was traveling almost a whole day from Saint-Petersburg to Hangzhou. AliExpress team met me right at the airport and explained me the program for Chinese tour.

So, our schedule includes a lot of cool things such as photo-session in amazing swimsuits by Nature Armour , great time exploring Hangzhou and visiting a cool campus of AliExpress. We will take a look around the headquarters of AliExpress and meet the team members. Also, we will get a chance to surf on an artificial wave at Cloud Town and test out the latest technology.

Are you excited to see more of my trip to China? Check my insta-stories and posts. And now take a look at my favorite shots in colorful Nature Armour  swimsuits at villa Lepuing:

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