Exploring the West Lake with Nature Armour

On a second day day of our trip with AliExpress we went to explore Hangzhou, the city of a glorious history and culture. As I mentioned before, Hangzhou is one of China’s seven ancient capitals…

If you are ever in Hangzhou, don’t miss the symbol of the city – West Lake. It was recognized by UNESCO as a Worlds Heritage site, and it’s literally one of the most fascinating lakes in China.


Our morning started right at the West Lake. We enjoyed the views of numerous temples, gardens, and islands. We spent at that wonderful place a couple of hours. To be honest, it’s definitely not enough for me, and I want to come back already.

I was wearing the swimsuit by Nature ArmourGreen color is one of my favorite ones. It always reminds me of serenity and peace of the nature. Luckily, we got some sun and even got a tan during the day.


I tasted some local fruits at the lakeside. I can definitely recommend you to grab some fruits or veggies when you are at West Lake, as they are cheap and delicious there.


I found a perfect Chinese fan for myself and even felt like local for a few minutes.

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After exploring the Lake, we went to the headquarters of AliExpress. Team members showed us around and told us about some important and coming projects of AliExpress. Then we had a chance to meet with people from the brand Nature ArmourI was excited to hear more about the company and meet-in-person with people who created this brand. Nature Armour sticks to the brand culture as a healthy, active and natural sports way.

The company producing natural and environmental products that appeals to me. I like their elegant and stylish swimsuits and comfy yoga suits. As you guys know, I’m a big fan of yoga, so I’m doing my best to wear the clothes of high quality materials. I’ll definitely pick some yoga pants from Nature Armour, as I absolutely share their vision.


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Photos: Alina Gvozdeva

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