Trendy and hip – a quirky French experience

As we continued our travels through Chamonix, we stopped over at RockyPop Hotel. As suggested by its name, it’s a very modern and cool residence, and is super popular among the younger crowds! Situated in an ideal spot with breathtaking views, this hotel ended up exceeding my expectations.         

Pushing boundaries with youthful roots

Once you take your first steps within the hotel, you can immediately see and feel the hipster, trendy vibes taking over! Both the residents and employees alike are interesting individuals, with most being quite young and active.


Some of the hotel nooks that had designs I was particularly impressed by included the bar which boasted the best cocktails, and a scrumptious restaurant called Les Houches with the tastiest burgers (and definitely the best view of the mountains as well)!


There’s even complimentary tea and coffee throughout the day if you want to relax and have a break.


Edgy and eclectic

The hotel is packed with personality and character, and is incredibly unique. We were mesmerized by the fun and fabulous decor, with walls are adorned with old-fashioned posters with retro designs, just like a total blast from the past!


There’s also an entertaining game zone, table tennis, photo booth, live music and movies – all contributing to creating a fun and enjoyable atmosphere for everyone there.


Winter specialties

While RockyPop Hotel would be fun to visit at any time during the year, it’s particularly popular during the winter. Its basement is devoted entirely to mountaineering and skiing, with a well-stocked (and well-priced) ski shop and storage area.


Whether you want to rent or purchase ski equipment, you don’t even need to leave the hotel to get what you need.


If you’re ever passing through Chamonix, consider hanging out at RockyPop! You’re guaranteed to come away with fun memories and stories to share.


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