The best tropical birthday vacation

To celebrate my and my friend’s birthday, we ventured to South East Asia to visit the beautiful Indonesian island Bali. To our sheer delight, our vacation there turned out to be totally divine!


                  We chose to stay at the Kayumanis Sanur hotel because we’d read many gushing reviews about it, and what we saw on their website looked super promising. So we hoped for the best, booked our stay, and ventured across the world for our vacation destination.


A world of pristine serenity

Located in a quiet region known as Sanur, this area is ideal for families and couples. I loved the serenity and peaceful aura that surrounded the place, as it was the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of normal everyday life.


Overall the privacy and security of the hotel was unlike most other places I’ve spent time at. By maintaining separation between visitors, it created the feeling that the entire place was your own, so you could just focus on yourself and your family and friends you’re staying with.


The accommodation in the villas was very spacious – we stayed in one called Gender and we fell in love at first sight.


Despite there only being two of us, it was a two-storey villa with a lobby area and outside was a gorgeous pool bordered with bright and lush greenery.


Personalized dining experiences

We admired the dining experiences we had during our stay, particularly the unlimited breakfast availability! Despite waking up at 12pm on our first day there and requesting breakfast at 3pm, it was still readily available on demand. The afternoon high tea was also really enjoyable, it almost felt like I was still in Europe.


Another perk was the daily tropical fresh fruit basket – perfect for snacks throughout the day. Nothing more we could wish for!


Attentive and accommodating 

Something you surely can’t fail to notice when residing at Kayumanis Sanur is the top-notch customer service they have excellently mastered. Always helpful and kind, ready to help you with all your needs, I have nothing but praise for the wonderful staff.

Another way we felt truly taken care of was through the Kayumanis Sanur spa experience – it was undoubtedly the ultimate spot for a perfect massage.


On my birthday we enjoyed a unique 1.5 hours spa and I loved every minute of it – I’ve never felt so refreshed and rejuvenated afterwards! 


Immersed amongst the Balinese culture 

The hotel closely follows the Balinese traditions, which was a fantastic experience to witness and we learnt so much each day! During our meeting with the hotel managers, we learned a lot of specific things about Bali, both about and culture and the Balinese environment. For example, did you know…

1. The entire island is consumed with total silence for one day each year during March, when the Hindu celebration of Nyepi is observed. All businesses, beaches, streets and even the airport are closed on this reflective “Day of Silence”.

2. The complex Balinese religion with a higher than average number of gods has resulted in Bali sometimes being known as the Island of the Gods, as it’s home to a mind-blowing 20,000 shrines!

3. While Bali is known for its brilliant white sandy beaches, it’s also home to jaw-dropping black sand volcanic beaches as well.

A birthday vacation I’ll never forget

I absolutely adore tropical vacations filled with relaxation, and Kayumanis Sanur provided that perfectly.


My vacation there made my birthday truly special and memorable, and I undoubtedly recommend others choose this place if they’re ever visiting Bali!


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