A beautiful home away from home

As we continued our European explorations, we were excited to visit Hotel Bergheimat in Mühlbach, Austria. We’d heard many great things about it, and were keen to reach there as soon as we could!


An adventurous start to our trip


However, we faced some challenges during our journey to the hotel. Due to the Austrian weather conditions at the time, many roads were blocked, which left us wondering how we’d get from St Ankton to Mühlbach where our hotel awaited us! I texted the hotel, and its amazing hosts Nathalie Kögl and Sieglinde Kögl-Plenk advised an optimal route.3BA987D1-5259-4A2B-92C3-C85297D5C6BCIMG_6441View from the room

We ended up going by bus to Landeck, then to Salzburg by train, switched trains to reach Golling, then took a bus to Bischofshofen, before we finally caught a taxi to the hotel. What a mission it was, but at least we witnessed lovely sights along the way!


By the time we reached the hotel, we were utterly exhausted from the long day’s travel. It definitely would’ve taken us even longer though, had it not been for the tips and advice from the hosts – we were so grateful!


Paradise living

Thankfully, Hotel Bergheimat was an amazing residence that provided us with comfort and relaxation. I slept like a baby in the king-sized bed with its luxurious array of pillows! We stayed in a 2 bedroom suite known as “Sweet Stefanie”.


It’s an ideal option for those traveling with friends or family, as it’s spacious while maintaining a simple and elegant aura. I loved the south-facing balcony with its sweeping views over the valley.


Breakfast kickstarted our day wonderfully, as we savored the freshly prepared delicacies and treats! We were interested to learn that the hotel actually gets its eggs and milk from the farm nearby, and even has its own bakery. Impressive!

6Breakfast at the hotel 

IMG_E7648IMG_E6452Fresh bread from the hotel’s bakery

After breakfast, we headed out to the slopes for a day of skiing, and by the time dusk began to fall, we were exhausted yet again!


This time we decided to visit the spa area, which boasted 5 different saunas, a large swimming pool and a fully-featured recreational room. Personally, I loved the Finnish sauna and jacuzzi the most.


A delectable dinner experience

As the evening came to a close, we then joined Sieglinde for dinner and wine tasting – my favorite combo! Surrounded by great company and mouth-watering food, it was a delightful experience. For dinner, we enjoyed:

-Starters: cream cheese, caviar
-Soup: apple, curry, herbs, chilli, pumpkin
-Main: deer, mushrooms
-Dessert: white cheese in oven-baked pancakes with homemade ice cream.


Each of these courses was paired with a unique Austrian wine. I loved every bite and sip!

A home away from home

As a family-run hotel, there’s undoubtedly a homely spirit about it. Warm and welcoming, it felt just like home from the moment we entered. Even all the staff and other people there seemed so happy! It was infectious, and we couldn’t help feeling utterly relaxed and at peace the entire time.


Particularly when you’re traveling so much, I truly appreciate when there are homely and caring touches to a place. I’d love to return to Hotel Berghermat someday!


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