Biggest shoe trend in spring 2019 – Fragiacomo open pumps

The spring season is here, that means bright and pastel colors, summery tops, and fancy shoes, of course! It’s finally the time to show your legs and put your warm boots on the shelf! Here is one epic new-season trend that is genuinely worthy of cult status…


The hero shoes in buzzed-about Flash Capsule collection by Fragiacomo are Flash Pumps handcrafted in Italy in smooth black Nappa leather and detailed with appealing ankle strap.


These are one of the prettiest easy-to-wear heels I’ve seen so far this year. Keep scrolling to see the example of a spring style with Flash pumps, which, if we dig deep here, is an outfit full of favorites.


What I like about Flash Pumps is that they are completely versatile and can lend an edge to even the most basic outfit. Again… I sound like a broken record but talk about versatility. Kitten heels are so practical when it comes to long walks. They can also update an evening look, such as a long dress so that it is both fabulous and cool.

_MG_2040clutch Fragiacomo

I purposefully paired Flash Pumps with a dress I bought while holidaying in France and gorg blazer. Though blazers and suits go together really naturally because of their shape and the way they create a balanced, no-brainer look from head to toe, I’ve achieved the same pulled-together feel by combining two pieces of red color.


You know guys, the tonal dressing trick of wearing head to toe of one hue is always a good idea. Wearing a long adorable dress with a blazer of coral color screams ultra-chic, especially if it’s an oversized model.


The incredible Flash pumps are an added bonus that proves our lives do not have to be lived entirely in high heels, thanks to the pointy toe and eye-catching ankle strap in the shape of bronze flash.

If you’re in the market for ultra-chic kitten heels, I can’t recommend this pair by Fragiacomo highly enough! Coming back from the ’80s, these elegant, cute and stylish heels are ready to rule the streets this season! You can literally pair ‘em up with anything and make the outfit look sexy and sophisticated! Isn’t that so cool?

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