Enjoyable hideaway in Corsica: hotel Le Roi Theodore

“Every man has two countries – his own and France.” These are the inimitable words of Thomas Jefferson, ardent Francophile and third President of the United States.These words are so true because there is no on earth with the same inspiration for travelers as France. It is therefore easy to understand why my recent trip to Corsica was actually one of the most awe-inspiring experiences I ever had in my life! Here follows a recap and description of my amazing stay!

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During our trip to Corsica, we stayed in two incredible places: Villa Cala Rosa and hotel Le Roi Theodore. Le Roi Theodore boasts the ultimate in refinement and exquisite Italian high design. It’s a comfortable, yet sophisticated hotel with gorgeous interiors, luxurious swimming pools, a relaxing wellness spa, fantastic leisure facilities, and one of the island’s most beguiling restaurants, namely  Le Regina.

11Spa at Le Roi Theodore

Enjoyable hideaway in Corsica

Upon our arrival at Le Roi Theodore, Russian-speaking manager Victoria met us at the reception and showed us around. I think that it is wonderful that the hotel provides a small tour with someone who speaks your native language.


Although I had discovered Le Roi Theodore using a Virtual tour and watching the video about the place on the official website before our arrival, I gathered some really interesting facts about Porto Vecchio from the locals.


Beguilingly situated and not cumbersome to reach

Le Roi Theodore is ideally situated in the south of Corsica, at the gates of Porto Vecchio, and is the perfect gateway for exploring the local sights. It occupies a sweet spot just far enough out of the town centre to feel separate but just close enough to feel perfectly convenient.


If you’re arriving at night, be aware that it is a gated property, although a security guard is available 24/7. The hotel has a closed parking lot from which you can access your room by passing the reception.


Food and drinks beyond reproach


Breakfast is served until a very civilized at 10 a.m. You could spend a week here and not try everything: from the different types of cakes, orange cake, homemade pancakes, to the gourmet french cheese and Corsican honey, you are spoiled for choice here! The restaurant stays open from noon until 22 p.m.


France is all about the food

They also serve the most addictive petits roulés de gambas et aubergines, œuf mollet,  morceaux de Turbot, rémoulade au haddock, all served in a cozy dining room with a view over the swimming pool – the perfect setting to sample the new wave of French wines.


The wine list complements the dishes perfectly with a superb choice of bottles from the different regions of Corsica. The chef uses local ingredients in the most delicious combinations you could ever imagine. Don’t forget to try inventive desserts provided by talented pastry chef, Antony Dagorn!

This hotel is certainly an effortless and elegant mix of antique and modern, and is the ideal destination if you’re a luxury traveler. Don’t be surprised to find it full of returnees: guests have a habit of making their way back here whenever they can.

What can you expect in the room?

The 47 well-sized rooms and 6 spacious suites are all beautifully decorated and fully equipped. We had a comfortable stay in the Theodor First Suite.


Located on the upper floor, the master suite with a 65m² area has a spacious bedroom with a luxurious double bed, a walk-in wardrobe, a huge and light-colored bathroom, and a furnished private terrace.

33Private terrace at Theodor First Suite

A peaceful oasis of breezy elegance

Le Roi Theodore gives you a feeling of being in a peaceful oasis of breezy elegance. You will most certainly appreciate the huge pools, manicured gardens, the luxury spa, and fine-dining restaurant, and the kind of discreet professional service you’d expect in a hotel that used to host the most honored guests.

37Swimsuit Antoninias

I would highly recommend this hotel as the place to stay if you need some peace and quiet and wish to experience the French hustle only when you feel like it. I’d be more than happy to come back to this charming hotel (and will definitely do it in the nearest future).

Photos: Luc Moreno
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