A little paradise in the best part of Sardinia

On our way to Corsica, we decided to pass through Italy. We spent a few days in Golfo Aranci in hotel Gabbiano Azzurro. This hotel is stunning. It looks like a little Italian paradise in the best part of Sardinia.

Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel _ Suites - beachIf you want to enjoy your days outdoors by the swimming pool getting sun kissed all day long as you enjoy the breeze, it is the place to be. When I saw the pictures of this hotel, I was sure we were going to spend more nights on the property.

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Stunning Views

Do you ever wonder how it feels like to stay in a Pool Suite? We arrived at night, and we were warmly welcomed and directed to the Pool Suite. It’s a luxury suite connected to the main hotel by a lift. When I entered, I was thrilled. So this is what it feels like living in paradise, I told myself.


It has a wide terrace on top of each room with a private 23 sqm sea water pool with comfortable sunbeds. Here, you can enjoy a breathtaking sea view overlooking the spectacular landscape.


I was wearing incredible silky satin dressing gown by Identity Lingerie all day long. On that day it felt impossible to spend substantial time outdoors and I stay cooped up from morning until dark wearing my favorite fancy robe. When we arrived I felt like I needed to refuel my energy, to refresh my mind, and to pamper myself by tending to my nails, running the bath, turning up the music, and letting myself relax after a long flight. Identity Lingerie lightweight dressing gown is a small luxury-something to splurge on. I LOVE it for its’ softness, style, comfort, and practicality, so I always bring it with me on summer vacations. Having your own dressing gown feels (and looks!) much better than using a bathrobe at the hotel. 

Comfortable and Luxurious Accommodation

The suite is independent such that we didn’t have to look for anything else. Imagine a private balcony and a spacious bathroom gleaming with a full crystal shower. Comfort and luxury combined in a nice looking package.

Pool Suite - Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel Sardinia4Pool Suite - Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel Sardinia32Pool Suite Terrace - Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel Sardinia1

I was tired, and the king size bed was too tempting, so I gave in and slept. Next morning, we woke up late. The bed was so comfortable and perfect. I didn’t feel like moving my body away from it. We had to skip breakfast, so we headed to Blu Restaurant for lunch. I couldn’t wait to taste the food here.


Amazing Dining and Culinary Experiences

Chef Daniele Sechi offered us a delicious Mediterranean cuisine with special attention to Sardinian specialties. My taste buds were in for a great culinary experience as the dish could satisfy even the most demanding palates. This was the first time I tried fregola, typical Sardinian pasta made with semolina and rolled into small balls.

Fregula Nera - Blú Restaurant SardegnaFregola, a type of pasta from Sardinia, in Blu Restaurant

The next thing I just had to try was seafood, and I was stunned. It was the tastiest dish I have ever had in Italy, and I was thankful we chose the hotel.

Moscardino - Blú Restaurant SardegnaThe salad with octopus and Sardinian sweets were to die for. The service here is impeccable, and the place is beautifully lit with fantastic views overlooking the sea 180 degrees giving you a sailing feeling.

Breakfast on the terrace - Gabbiano azzurro Hotel _ Suites - stampa6Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel _ Suites - Private beach - stampa6Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel _ Suites - Private beach - stampa2

Brief history of the hotel

On the first day, we had the chance to meet Antonella Da Tome and Laura Mor. Two amazing people who gave us a brief history of the hotel. It is a family run hotel owned by the Da Tome Family and has been in existence for more than 50 years. They open in May and close by the end of October.


Impeccable staff

Gabbiano Azzurro means light blue seagull, and the wings are the staff members and longtime trusted employees. They are kind and professional appreciated by Repeaters and Guests in the hotel. Combined, they have more than 100 years of experience all at your service. You can rest assured the impeccable staff will accomplish anything you require.


What I liked most about the Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites

  1. Warm and open-minded staff. I fell in love with all of them! Amazing people.
  2. Incredible accommodation. Spacious and comfortable with an elegant touch of luxury.
  3. Breathtaking views of the sea from the suite to the restaurant.
  4. Peaceful and calm environment despite being close to Golfo Aranci.
  5. Mouthwatering, fabulous food. The amazing restaurants in the hotel have awesome cuisines.
  6. You can order a lot of services from here.
  7. It’s one of the most amazing places to start your Sardinia tour
  8. One of the most outstanding places to have a wedding. If I ever wanted to do a wedding, this is one of my top picks. It would be a fantastic venue.


One of The Best Stop Overs in My Life

To be honest, I fully enjoyed each day I spent in Gabbiano Azzurro hotel. Not just because of the beautiful property and stunning views but also because of the unique feeling being home away from home.


Everything from the warm blankets in the luxurious rooms, the impeccable swimming pools to the incredible attitudes of the staff made me feel like I was living in paradise. I can’t be grateful enough to Gabbiano Azzurro Hotel & Suites for making our short stay in Sardinia so amazing and precious. Am definitely a repeat guest from now onwards.

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