A bewitching retreat in Porto Vecchio – Villa Cala Rosa

There is nothing quite as exhilarating as enjoying a holiday close to the water. So, when the opportunity arose to go on a holiday, I had no hesitation in choosing Villa Cala Rosa in Corsica. 


The best place in France for summer

I planned my holiday at the Porto Vecchio to coincide with the beginning of the hot season. I choose to arrive at Villa Cala Rosa in the month of May and planned on spending about a week there. Getting a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, I was looking forward to enjoying my stay at Cala Rosa. It proved to be a wonderful decision as this villa has a lot to offer the true holidaymaker.


Not even in my wildest dreams could I have imagined my stay at the Cala Rosa to be so good. The villa itself was one of a handful that were built on the sandy beaches. Located a mere nine kilometers from the heart of Porto-Vecchio, Villa Cala Rosa is built on a private plot that measures about 2500 square meters. It is surrounded by pines as well as mimosas.


The main building covers an area of about 150 square meters. It has a nice living room and a kitchen that does not lack for any amenity or feature.


The kitchen, besides being very functional is also beautifully situated as it faces the horizon.


The villa also has four separate bedrooms with three of them being located on one level and then there is a mezzanine as well as a couple of shower rooms and toilets.


Outside the main building lies a shed made out of wood. There is also a large sized panoramic terrace which are flanked by a couple of bedrooms. Each bedroom has its own attached shower room.


The terrace was really impressive and besides being large in size, it is equipped with high-quality garden furniture comprising of sun loungers and deckchairs as well as a table. The nice thing about this terrace is it also has an awning and outdoor shower. I enjoyed using the barbeque and when I was through with the barbeque, I tried my luck with the bowling alley that is located bang in front of the sea. All in all, I found this villa to be the perfect place to enjoy my vacation.

2730Swimsuit Antoninias

Another thing I found to be really nice about living in Cala Rosa is that there were plenty of bars and beach restaurants located close-by. To top things off, there were also many water activities nearby.


On the second morning, I woke to the sound and sight of the seas and enjoyed my breakfast out on the terrace. I also enjoyed using the fully-equipped kitchen, which lacked for nothing. I began my breakfast with a smoothie and then poured myself a cup of hot coffee. For breakfast, I chose to have French chees and ham which were accompanied by baguette and poached eggs. This was a breakfast that was fit for a king!


Exploring best places in Corsica

After breakfast, I decided to explore the neighborhood. I rented a vehicle and drove by the coast and checked out a number of places including Bonifacio and Ajaccio.

IMG_0179 IMG_1335 IMG_8991Bonifacio panoramic views, Corsica

The drive was truly enervating and after I had traveled for a few hours, I decided to retrace my tracks and headed back to Cala Rosa.

22Clothes Sosandar (photo taken close to villa)

The best place for stargazing

When night fell, I stepped out onto the terrace and gazed in wonder at the stars that lit up the dark skies.  There were thousands and thousands of stars that shone brightly in the night.


Later, I decided to turn in for the night and returned to my bedroom, which was spacious and very comfortable and clean. I think I might even prolong my stay because everything here is so cushy and relaxing.


What I Like the most in villa

1.The villa has a lot of space and is very comfortable even for a single person;
2.The location is just too good as the coast is vast and there aren’t any crowds to spoil the fun;
3.The city is not far away and so too are restaurants and bars as well as shops;
4.The interiors are modern and nice;
5.The atmosphere lends itself well to romancing;
6.The staff and management is polite, well-trained and very helpful. (Many thanks to amazing communications manager at Corsica Villas, Etienne, who helped us alot during the whole trip to Corsica, and who became our good friend and now is very welcome in Russia).


The Villa Cala Rosa proved to be the perfect base for my first time in Corsica. The surrounding coastal areas of the villa are breathtaking and absolutely gorg, all of which are in walking distance. Everything from the interior of the villa to the stunning views exceed my expectations and combined to give the most positive first experience of Porto Vecchio and Corsica. I only wish we had more time to explore the surrounding areas, so Cala Rosa, I will be back!


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