Cozy morning…Look simple and trendy

My love is a classic style…I absolutely adore neutral pallete, because it’s always the best choice for a daily life. It’s so simple to match these colors, so that I prefer them to bright ones…

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How to wear oversize coat?

Hey guys! I’ve decided to start this day with the smile and be as productive as I’ve never been. I made the list of #what-to-do for this day and promised myself to do all these tasks…


How to treat November depression?

November has come and brought  cold weather and depressive mood. I meet the last autumn month wrapped in a blanked with a cup of hot tea, watching melodramas. Now I’m a bit in the doldrums, but I can’t be in this state for a long time and try to treat it…


Why we are so usual?

Happy Friday everyone! Today I got up with unusual deisre of total changes. Yes, I decided, that my life is so uneventful, that I have to make a push to turn my usual days to the best.


How To Stay Warm And Look Cool In A Parka

Though autumn is my favourite season, it always frustrates me with it’s moody, windy, cold weather, rains and snow. Unfortunately, I get cold from the first few minutes, when I go out of the home. So I need a solution to the problem, how to be trendy and warm at the same time…